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This resource page supplements the Goal Getters Book, which teaches you to talk to your kids about goals.

Goal Tracking Pages

Getting Kids Interested In Goals

Your tiny journey to inviting your children and youth to engage with goals and personal development.

How to think about it . . .

Mindset and Preparation

Let's Get in the Mindset of Goals

Quick pep talk and taking a minute to gather a few materials. This short video gets you into the mindset of building interest in goals for your children and youth.

Visibility is Key to interest

Make it Visible

Create Curiosity

Simple and flexible is the name of the game here. Choose a goal you can do VERY easily and chart your progress in visible ways to spark your kid's curiosity. Make sure they can see your goal chart or jar!

why bother? . . ..


Why Personal Development with Kids?

Why bother setting goals with kids? It's certainly not to help them "get ahead." There's immense value in learning the skill of checking in with what you want and how to get it. They'll become more resilient and it just might spark some interest in trying new things!

Progress over completion


Celebrate Every Step

We want to learn to celebrate every step, not just the finish line. Check out the Mountain Chart, the Kitchen Dance, and my favorite secret strategy: pinning $1 to the fridge.

Let's See that progress!

Achievement Board

Make Achievement Memorable

Our brains are wired to forget achievement and move on to solving the next problem. Make achievement memorable by posting it somewhere your kids can see it.

Together is better

Family Goal

Do a Goal Together

To get the ball rolling with Children and Youth Personal Development Guideboooks, try doing a family goal together. Make it fun and unifying. How many jumping jacks can we do as a family in total in one week. Have everyone write in their guidebooks to get familiar.

Time to dive in!


If any of our strategies have worked, your kids may be interested in goals. To really boost their interest, brainstorm some possible goals they could choose together. Keep your first brainstorming sessions fun and light.

Goal Getters Book Resources

The 7 "STEPS" of a Goal

For younger children, print these signs and place on a circle on the floor. Walk them through the steps of a goal by literally walking around the circle, standing on each sign, and talking about what it looks like to brainstorm, choose, remember a goal, etc. Make up funny mistakes. For example, if the goal was to make cookies for a friend, pretend the first batch of cookies burned. Evaluate with the 3 questions - what went well, what didn't, and what did you learn. Then adjust the goal to add a timer so we don't forget to take them out on time.

Charts for Goal Getters Goals

Graphics for those with the AUDIO book


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